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Water is a fundamental piece of endurance, and those are favored who approach unadulterated drinking water. With the degrees of tainting expanding every day, it has become increasingly significant that we introduce a water purifier in our homes, workplaces, and schools in order to approach unadulterated drinking water consistently.

We all think about the significance of unadulterated drinking water, yet not many of us know how the thumb rules for distinguishing the correct RO water purifier for our homes or office. How about we investigate a portion of the variables that we ought to consider before we reach to the choice of purchasing a water purging framework.

Double purification, removes dissolved impurities and maintains minerals

RO + UF + UV + TDS Control

The ground – breaking computer controlled AROMA RO Technology combines best of both RO and UV, while eliminating the limitation of a single technology.

Ascertain the TDS level of water supply

TDS refers to Totally Dissolved Salts that determines the hardness and the softness of the water. Very interestingly, there are TDS meters available in the market that helps us measure the level of heavy metals and salts dissolved in the water supplied. 0-80 is considered to be the purest form of water fit for drinking. Next level is 80-150 which is also pure and anything beyond that needs purification. Advanced water purifier comes with TDS control that allows the adjustment of the system as per the need of the user.

aroma water system technology

RO System :

Removes even harmful dissolved impurities like Arsenic, Rust, Presticides, Florides etc. besides removing bacteria and viruses.



For double purification, totally kills remaining bacteria and viruses.



TDS Controller maintains essential Natural Minerals in the purified water by adjustment of TDS.

The Purest, Healthiest & Tastiest Water

Makes water 100% Pure by removing bacteria & viruses as well as dissolved impurities.

Makes water healthy as it retains essential Natural Minerals.

Makes water tasty as it removes undesirable soluble salts.

About Us

Being a biggest retailer and distributer in RO water purification and Services Aroma Water Purifier™ has created the system to meet all the needs of NSF/ANSI water quality level with added features. ou will be amazed to know that while several water purifiers available in the market deplete essential minerals naturally present in water, Aroma RO water purifier machine retains these vital minerals and provides you water that is not just pure, but healthy too. Some features carried by Aroma Water purifier are as follows:


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